Google Plus Notification -"All Caught Up!" 2014 Happy New Year :)

2014 style All Caught Up google plus notification
Google+ has small surprises for big events, and now it's a 2014 style "All Caught Up!" notification. Happy new year everyone! Do you remember the Halloween style Notifications?
And the Christmas style notification?
Share your thoughts about the 2014 version below :)

Google Plus Notification - "All Caught Up!" Christmas Style :)

We all know by now that Google creates unique versions of its logo (known as Google Doodles) on major holidays or other special events. It's now becoming a tradition to see Google+ join the party with small surprises around the platform. 

Do you remember the Halloween style Notifications?
So for Christmas we got two small surprises  :) 

2. Google Plus Notifications "All Caught Up!", get's a christmas holiday makeover:

Google Plus Christmas Style Notifications

Google Plus Christmas Style Notifications

Check how many people viewed your image on Google Plus!

Did you know you can see how many people viewed each one of your photos on Google Plus? It's super simple to check, and can actually provide some powerful insights regarding different aspects of your Google+ page or profile's performance.
How many people viewed your image on google+
The view count stats should appear a few minutes after you upload the image. All you need to do is click on one of your images and right at the bottom of the image you'll see the view count. Here's a screen captured example of an image uploaded two days ago (click to view full screen):

Google Plus Screen Capture of View Count Statistics

In many ways this is similar to the view count of videos uploaded to Youtube. 

After uploading a video, the uploader can analyze how well his video is performing based on many factors such as the view count, likes and comments the video receives.

As the Google+ platform develops we might be seeing more advanced built-in analytics tools, which offer more in depth analysis for each post. Perhaps it will be somewhat similar to the Youtube Analytics tools.

Why else should (or can) these stats be important for you?
1. You can analyze different parameters related to the type of images you upload and the related +1 / shares it receives.
2. You can get a general idea of how many people see each image you upload.
3. You can check which of your images is your 'all time most viewed' image.

Note that you can check statistics for any photo on Google+, not just your own photos! After clicking on an image in a Google+ post, the view count will load within a few seconds.

Feel free to +1 or Share this post, we believe it can be useful for many people!

Have another idea why this information can be useful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Google+ Partner Playbook

If you haven't heard of or checked out the Google+ Partner Playbook, it's definitely worth a few minutes (at least) of your time.
The Partner playbook has 57 pages of excellent information and tips for helping you get more out of Google+.
google+ partner playbook
Head over to: Google+ Partner Playbook to access the detailed PDF.

If you haven't yet checked out our top 15 posts & trends from 2013, be sure to do so now..

Top 15 Posts and Trends from 2013!

2013 was a great year for Google Plus!

Our main goal here at Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size is (as our obvious name indicates...), to provide information and the best free templates for the Google+ Cover photo and Profile image. During the year our free templates have been downloaded by over 12,000 people!!! So thanks to you guys - we definitely feel like our 1st goal was achieved :)

Our Second goal is to keep you constantly up to date with all the latest news and changes related to Google+. And boy, this year was huge in terms of changes to Google+. From interface and design changes, to custom URL's & several changes to the cover photo, and of course the massive May/13 update - we've tried to do our best to get the news out to you as soon as it happened.

Our Third goal is to offer Tips & Tricks related to using Google Plus and during the year we've released multiple posts for both advanced & novice Google+ users which have created quite a buzz around the community.

Here's a summary of our top posts from 2013:

Top Google+ Related posts of 2013
  1. Google Plus Rolled out a new cover photo - Free Template! (Nov/13)
  2. Google Plus Profile Image Size - Free Template (Oct/13)
  3. Google Plus Tips & Tricks Part 2 - g+ Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Major Google Plus Upgrade - Everything you need to know! (May/13)
  5. Step by Step infographic to crop the cover photo to any size (March/13)
  6. Custom Url's for Google Plus Profile and Pages
  7. Google Plus Tips & Tricks Part 1 - Enhance posting experience in Google+
  8. Google Plus Cover Photo just got much bigger! (March/13)
  9. Google+ Notification Panel upgraded

Top Google Products Related posts of 2013
  1. New Gmail Feature - Dropbox Integration -"View Folder"
  2. Set a timer directly from Chrome or Google Search
  3. Google Launches a new website called "Google Tips"
  4. Voice Calls from Google Hangouts is here!
  5. Nexus 5 is here, and it's powered by KitKat 4.4
  6. Google Hangouts + SMS Support & animated GIF's 
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Google Tips - a new website by Google, packed with Google related tips.

The new website launched by Google offers tips based on:

Categories - On the go, At Home, At the Office.
Or Product: Search, Gmail, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Maps, Docs, Drive, Play, Calendar, Keep, News, and Google+

Let's explore the Google+ Tips together:

Head over to:
Go to "By Product" and select Google+.
google tips,google tips by product,google plus tips,google launches google tips
Click on one of the cards to open up the tip and get additional information and a step by step tutorial with images which you can follow easily.

When you're finished with previewing the tip, you can either:
1. Give feedback to Google on whether or not the tips was helpful.
2. Suggest a card of your own. 3. Suggest general feedback regarding the service or the tip itself.
4. Share the tip with friends.
5. Close the tip and continue exploring.

The tips have a design theme similar to Google Keep cards design (mentioned also in this post).

Google launched a new and very cool website called Google Tips.

Google Plus For Android updates to 4.2.4 - With 5 New Features

Google updated its Google+ app for Android to version 4.2.4 with 5 new features: 

1. Search for posts, people, photos and communities — all from the same search box.
2. Dig deeper into stories you like on a number of different categories such as Music and Science to Sports and Photography.
3. More control over "Who can notify me” settings. Adjust who can buzz your phone.

Unique holiday features:
4. When you +1 a post in your stream, you'll see something nice :) 
5. Last but not least - Shake your photos to make them snow ;)

Here's a video:

How to view your Google Plus Profile or Page as someone else?

Viewing your Google Plus Profile or Page as someone else is extremely easy:

Above your profile cover image you'll find a button which allows you to switch your page view between Yourself, the Public or a Person from your circles.


What do the different views show? 

Yourself - All editing features and page management features are visible to you.

Public - See your page as the public (people who haven't circled your page) sees your page.

Circles - Type a name from your circles where it says "Enter Name". In this view you'll see your page as that specific person.

+Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size
* View google plus as someone else

Free Template Downloads For Google Plus New Cover Photo Size

*13.11.13 Update!
Google Plus rolled out a new cover photo (480X270 pixels)!

As you've probably noticed by now, Google Plus has announced some new exciting changes. One of the most noticeable changes is without doubt the much larger size of the cover photo image. *15.3.13 Update! Major Google+ Upgrade  *11.6.13 Update! Dashboard Feature announced *19.6.13 Update! New g+ notification panel! *29.10.13 Update!Hangouts+SMS integration, Animated Gifs...! *29.10.13 Update 2! Custom URL's for Google+ Profiles and Pages! 13.1.14 Update! Gmail & Google Plus Integration Explained

What is the size of the new google plus cover photo?

Please Tweet, +1 or Like the template to instantly reveal the Download link! 

  • The smallest size of the new google+ cover photo is 480X270 pixels.
  • The largest size of the new google+ cover photo is 2120X1192 pixels.

  • google plus cover photo, google plus cover photo template, google plus templates, google plus cover
    What does this mean?
    It means you can upload any photo which is in proportion to the sizes above.

    To make the transition easier, here are 4 different templates for you to download and use!

    How do you use this templates? Follow the 4 super simple steps at the bottom of the page

    100% Template Size - 2120x1192 pixels

    Steps to create your own cover photo:
    1. Download the google+ cover photo template you'd like to use from the links above
    2. Open the file and Insert your own photo
    3. Save it
    4. Upload the photo to your google+ page as your cover photo
    It's that simple!

    how to crop google plus cover photo to any size

    Not happy with the large size of your cover photo? Go here to see how you can crop the google plus cover photo to any size :)

    +Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size

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