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Custom URL's for Google+ Profile and Pages!  Get Yours Now!

What is a custom URL?
Instead of having a long link with tons of numbers linking to your Google+ Profile or Page, you can have a shorten link such as

What is it good for?
- Each Profile or Page will have a unique URL featuring his name.
- This will help help people remember your URL
- It looks much better when sharing.

Who is eligible to get a custom URL?
Profiles need:
- Profile & Photo.
- At least 10 followers
- And account older than 30 days.

A custom URL is a short, easy-to-remember web address that links directly to your profile or page. For example, YouTube can direct people to to visit their page rather than

In order to get a custom Google+ URL you need to meet the following criterias:

  1. Profile & Photo.
  2. At least 10 followers
  3. And account older than 30 days.

- Linked website or verified local business.

Getting your custom URL through Google+

  • If you meet the above criteria, you'll see a notification at the top of your Google+ page or Profile. 
  • Click Get a custom URL button to get started. 
  • Alternatively, from the "About" tab on your Profile, click the "Get" link located under your Google+ URL. 
  • You'll see the URL(s) you've been approved for. 
  • If you see more than one option, select the one you like best. You may also be asked to add a few numbers or letters to make the custom URL unique to you. 
  • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service. 
  • Click Change URL. 

At the moment, many pre approved custom url's will have an annoying ending such as Blogspot or Com. Note that you can only change the custom URL once, so think twice before you accept move to or We might see this change in the future, so perhaps it's best to wait.

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