Google Plus Notification -"All Caught Up!" 2014 Happy New Year :)

2014 style All Caught Up google plus notification
Google+ has small surprises for big events, and now it's a 2014 style "All Caught Up!" notification. Happy new year everyone! Do you remember the Halloween style Notifications?
And the Christmas style notification?
Share your thoughts about the 2014 version below :)

Google Plus Notification - "All Caught Up!" Christmas Style :)

We all know by now that Google creates unique versions of its logo (known as Google Doodles) on major holidays or other special events. It's now becoming a tradition to see Google+ join the party with small surprises around the platform. 

Do you remember the Halloween style Notifications?
So for Christmas we got two small surprises  :) 

2. Google Plus Notifications "All Caught Up!", get's a christmas holiday makeover:

Google Plus Christmas Style Notifications

Google Plus Christmas Style Notifications

Check how many people viewed your image on Google Plus!

Did you know you can see how many people viewed each one of your photos on Google Plus? It's super simple to check, and can actually provide some powerful insights regarding different aspects of your Google+ page or profile's performance.
How many people viewed your image on google+
The view count stats should appear a few minutes after you upload the image. All you need to do is click on one of your images and right at the bottom of the image you'll see the view count. Here's a screen captured example of an image uploaded two days ago (click to view full screen):

Google Plus Screen Capture of View Count Statistics

In many ways this is similar to the view count of videos uploaded to Youtube. 

After uploading a video, the uploader can analyze how well his video is performing based on many factors such as the view count, likes and comments the video receives.

As the Google+ platform develops we might be seeing more advanced built-in analytics tools, which offer more in depth analysis for each post. Perhaps it will be somewhat similar to the Youtube Analytics tools.

Why else should (or can) these stats be important for you?
1. You can analyze different parameters related to the type of images you upload and the related +1 / shares it receives.
2. You can get a general idea of how many people see each image you upload.
3. You can check which of your images is your 'all time most viewed' image.

Note that you can check statistics for any photo on Google+, not just your own photos! After clicking on an image in a Google+ post, the view count will load within a few seconds.

Feel free to +1 or Share this post, we believe it can be useful for many people!

Have another idea why this information can be useful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Google+ Partner Playbook

If you haven't heard of or checked out the Google+ Partner Playbook, it's definitely worth a few minutes (at least) of your time.
The Partner playbook has 57 pages of excellent information and tips for helping you get more out of Google+.
google+ partner playbook
Head over to: Google+ Partner Playbook to access the detailed PDF.

If you haven't yet checked out our top 15 posts & trends from 2013, be sure to do so now..

Top 15 Posts and Trends from 2013!

2013 was a great year for Google Plus!

Our main goal here at Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size is (as our obvious name indicates...), to provide information and the best free templates for the Google+ Cover photo and Profile image. During the year our free templates have been downloaded by over 12,000 people!!! So thanks to you guys - we definitely feel like our 1st goal was achieved :)

Our Second goal is to keep you constantly up to date with all the latest news and changes related to Google+. And boy, this year was huge in terms of changes to Google+. From interface and design changes, to custom URL's & several changes to the cover photo, and of course the massive May/13 update - we've tried to do our best to get the news out to you as soon as it happened.

Our Third goal is to offer Tips & Tricks related to using Google Plus and during the year we've released multiple posts for both advanced & novice Google+ users which have created quite a buzz around the community.

Here's a summary of our top posts from 2013:

Top Google+ Related posts of 2013
  1. Google Plus Rolled out a new cover photo - Free Template! (Nov/13)
  2. Google Plus Profile Image Size - Free Template (Oct/13)
  3. Google Plus Tips & Tricks Part 2 - g+ Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Major Google Plus Upgrade - Everything you need to know! (May/13)
  5. Step by Step infographic to crop the cover photo to any size (March/13)
  6. Custom Url's for Google Plus Profile and Pages
  7. Google Plus Tips & Tricks Part 1 - Enhance posting experience in Google+
  8. Google Plus Cover Photo just got much bigger! (March/13)
  9. Google+ Notification Panel upgraded

Top Google Products Related posts of 2013
  1. New Gmail Feature - Dropbox Integration -"View Folder"
  2. Set a timer directly from Chrome or Google Search
  3. Google Launches a new website called "Google Tips"
  4. Voice Calls from Google Hangouts is here!
  5. Nexus 5 is here, and it's powered by KitKat 4.4
  6. Google Hangouts + SMS Support & animated GIF's 
Socialize - We'd love to hear your voice! :)

 If you have any suggestions for what we should do more or what we should do less, if you any specific requests about any topic related to Google+ or if you just want to share your thoughts with us and the world..
Feel free to visit us on our lively Google Plus Page!

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Google Tips - a new website by Google, packed with Google related tips.

The new website launched by Google offers tips based on:

Categories - On the go, At Home, At the Office.
Or Product: Search, Gmail, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Maps, Docs, Drive, Play, Calendar, Keep, News, and Google+

Let's explore the Google+ Tips together:

Head over to:
Go to "By Product" and select Google+.
google tips,google tips by product,google plus tips,google launches google tips
Click on one of the cards to open up the tip and get additional information and a step by step tutorial with images which you can follow easily.

When you're finished with previewing the tip, you can either:
1. Give feedback to Google on whether or not the tips was helpful.
2. Suggest a card of your own. 3. Suggest general feedback regarding the service or the tip itself.
4. Share the tip with friends.
5. Close the tip and continue exploring.

The tips have a design theme similar to Google Keep cards design (mentioned also in this post).

Google launched a new and very cool website called Google Tips.

Google Plus For Android updates to 4.2.4 - With 5 New Features

Google updated its Google+ app for Android to version 4.2.4 with 5 new features: 

1. Search for posts, people, photos and communities — all from the same search box.
2. Dig deeper into stories you like on a number of different categories such as Music and Science to Sports and Photography.
3. More control over "Who can notify me” settings. Adjust who can buzz your phone.

Unique holiday features:
4. When you +1 a post in your stream, you'll see something nice :) 
5. Last but not least - Shake your photos to make them snow ;)

Here's a video:

How to view your Google Plus Profile or Page as someone else?

Viewing your Google Plus Profile or Page as someone else is extremely easy:

Above your profile cover image you'll find a button which allows you to switch your page view between Yourself, the Public or a Person from your circles.


What do the different views show? 

Yourself - All editing features and page management features are visible to you.

Public - See your page as the public (people who haven't circled your page) sees your page.

Circles - Type a name from your circles where it says "Enter Name". In this view you'll see your page as that specific person.

+Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size
* View google plus as someone else

Free Template Downloads For Google Plus New Cover Photo Size

*13.11.13 Update!
Google Plus rolled out a new cover photo (480X270 pixels)!

As you've probably noticed by now, Google Plus has announced some new exciting changes. One of the most noticeable changes is without doubt the much larger size of the cover photo image. *15.3.13 Update! Major Google+ Upgrade  *11.6.13 Update! Dashboard Feature announced *19.6.13 Update! New g+ notification panel! *29.10.13 Update!Hangouts+SMS integration, Animated Gifs...! *29.10.13 Update 2! Custom URL's for Google+ Profiles and Pages! 13.1.14 Update! Gmail & Google Plus Integration Explained

What is the size of the new google plus cover photo?

Please Tweet, +1 or Like the template to instantly reveal the Download link! 

  • The smallest size of the new google+ cover photo is 480X270 pixels.
  • The largest size of the new google+ cover photo is 2120X1192 pixels.

  • google plus cover photo, google plus cover photo template, google plus templates, google plus cover
    What does this mean?
    It means you can upload any photo which is in proportion to the sizes above.

    To make the transition easier, here are 4 different templates for you to download and use!

    How do you use this templates? Follow the 4 super simple steps at the bottom of the page

    100% Template Size - 2120x1192 pixels

    Steps to create your own cover photo:
    1. Download the google+ cover photo template you'd like to use from the links above
    2. Open the file and Insert your own photo
    3. Save it
    4. Upload the photo to your google+ page as your cover photo
    It's that simple!

    how to crop google plus cover photo to any size

    Not happy with the large size of your cover photo? Go here to see how you can crop the google plus cover photo to any size :)

    +Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size

    What is the size of the new latest google plus cover photo?

    The size ratio of the newest cover photo is 16:9, and can be sized anywhere from 2120 x 1192 pixels to 480x270 pixels.

    To ensure the image is displayed in top quality across all devices and screens, it is highly recommended to upload an image of at least 920x520 pixels.

    Download a free template for the new google plus cover photo

    What is the Google Plus HoverCard?

    The Google plus hover card is an overlay that displays both on your main cover image, and when people hover over your name in posts around google plus.

    It's important to make sure you hovercard is neatly arranged and that it gives people hovering over your name enough information to make them want to follow your page.

    This is what the google+ hovercard looks like:

    Google+ Cover Image hovercard:

    Google+ hovercard on posts:

    Nexus 5 is here, and it's powered by Android KitKat 4.4!

    Google has just announced the new Nexus 5 phone powered by Android 4.4 known as Kitkat.

    The smart new phone from Google. Nexus 5 helps you capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. It's the slimmest and fastest Nexus phone ever made, powered by Android 4.4, KitKat.

    Slimmer, lighter design. Nexus 5 is precision-built from strong materials, and the intelligently simple design showcases more of what matters to you. At only 4.59 oz and 8.59 mm thin, it’s the most powerful Nexus phone yet.

     4.95" 1920x1080 display (445 ppi)

    Full HD IPS
    Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
     16 GB internal storage (actual formatted capacity will be less)
    2 GB RAM

    2G/3G/4G LTE
    GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41

    Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800, 2.3GHz

    1.3MP front facing
    8MP rear facing with Optical Image Stabilization

    Android Kitkat 4.4

    You don’t need to touch the screen to get things done. When on your home screen* or in Google Now, just say “Ok Google” to launch voice search, send a text, get directions or even play a song.

    Android 4.4 takes system performance to an all-time high by optimizing memory and improving your touchscreen so that it responds faster and more accurately than ever before. This means that you can listen to music while browsing the web, or race down the highway with the latest hit game, all without a hitch.

    The new phone app automatically prioritizes your contacts based on the people you talk to the most. You can also search for nearby places and businesses, your contacts, or people in your Google Apps domain.

    Custom URL's for Google+ Profile and Pages!

    Custom URL's for Google+ Profile and Pages!  Get Yours Now!

    What is a custom URL?
    Instead of having a long link with tons of numbers linking to your Google+ Profile or Page, you can have a shorten link such as

    What is it good for?
    - Each Profile or Page will have a unique URL featuring his name.
    - This will help help people remember your URL
    - It looks much better when sharing.

    Who is eligible to get a custom URL?
    Profiles need:
    - Profile & Photo.
    - At least 10 followers
    - And account older than 30 days.

    A custom URL is a short, easy-to-remember web address that links directly to your profile or page. For example, YouTube can direct people to to visit their page rather than

    In order to get a custom Google+ URL you need to meet the following criterias:

    1. Profile & Photo.
    2. At least 10 followers
    3. And account older than 30 days.

    - Linked website or verified local business.

    Getting your custom URL through Google+

    • If you meet the above criteria, you'll see a notification at the top of your Google+ page or Profile. 
    • Click Get a custom URL button to get started. 
    • Alternatively, from the "About" tab on your Profile, click the "Get" link located under your Google+ URL. 
    • You'll see the URL(s) you've been approved for. 
    • If you see more than one option, select the one you like best. You may also be asked to add a few numbers or letters to make the custom URL unique to you. 
    • Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service. 
    • Click Change URL. 

    At the moment, many pre approved custom url's will have an annoying ending such as Blogspot or Com. Note that you can only change the custom URL once, so think twice before you accept move to or We might see this change in the future, so perhaps it's best to wait.

    google plus custom url, change google plus url, google plus url shortener, change pre approved google plus url

    Google Hangouts + SMS support, animated GIFs and auto enhance for video calls

    This is BIG news - SMS integration is coming to Google Hangouts!

    "You can have one place to manage all of your communication," said Google's Vic Gundotra on stage. That means you’ll be able to use Hangouts as your default app both for traditional texting and web-based instant messaging, effectively replacing the default SMS app.

    The same update will also introduce a one-tap location-sharing feature. “How many times have you been in a conversation with a friend, and the question has come up, ‘Where are you?’” Gundotra said. “There’s simply a button at the bottom, a place button. You click it, and we will get your location from Google Maps and inject it with a single click.”

    More announcements from today's event include:

    - HD hangouts available to all users across all devices.
    - Automatically removes people in the background of your photos.
    - One-tap location sharing for its Android app.
    - Hangouts adding support for animated GIFs

    More updates to come...!

    What are the ideal image dimensions for a Google+ post?

    What is the ideal image size for a Google+ post? 

    497x373 pixels are the ideal image dimensions on Google+.

    The more important factor of the image size is the width - 497 pixels.
    You can upload images with a height set at 373 or larger (info graphics for example).

     The recommended format for saving the image is PNG.

    Incoming search terms:
    What size image to upload images to Google plus?
    What are the dimension of a Google+ image?
    What image size is best for Google plus?
    What size photo to upload for google+

    Step by Step infographics guide - Crop Cover photo to Any Size!

    Many people are playing around with the new cover photo and trying to get it to fit perfectly.
    If you've missed our previous posts, we've released 4 custom templates for the new google plus cover photo and a template for the new g+ profile picture so be sure to check those out (they've been download over 2,500 times by now!).

    Today we're happy to release a super easy to follow - step by step guide, for cropping any cover photo to be as small as you want. Have in mind though, that no matter how small you crop the width of the image, it will always scale back up to fit the full size of the screen you're viewing the page from (read more about this here).

    Step by Step guide - Crop Cover photo to Any Size!

    NEW! Now you can download a full scale image of this Tutorial! Please +1, Tweet or Like this Tutorial to reveal the download link!

    Step by Step infographics to Crop google plus Cover

    We hope you found this guide helpful!
    Feel free to share it with your family & friends :)

    Step 1 

    Click the cover image. 
    (Don't click "Change cover", just click on the image itself.

    Step 2 

    When the image opens in the viewer select "Edit photo" at the top of the page.

    Step 3

    Click on the "Crop" option at the top left.

    Step 4

    Adjust the highlighted selection marquee handlers until the selection box covers the part of the image you want to use as your cover. (Leave enough room at the bottom for the info bar)

    Click "Apply" in the crop box when done.

    Step 5 

    Click "Save" in the top right corner.

    Step 6

    You're done! Refresh your page and enjoy the new (smaller!) look.

    We hope you found this guide helpful!
    Feel free to share it with your family & friends :)

    Google Hangouts Upgrading to High Definition

    Google hangouts in HD
    As several sources report, Google Hangouts in soon arriving in High Definition. This feature is gradually rolling out to users, and is a step closer towards the switch from H.264 to VP8. 

    As first mentioned on Gigagom, the 720p HD resolution has been rolled out to several users. So if you've been seeing your friends in higher quality than you used to, you might have been among the first upgrades to the new hangouts.

    New Gmail feature, Dropbox integration? - "View Folder"

    Once in a while we make a post which is not directly connected to Google Plus. It usually happens when we spot some interesting news connected to Google products. This is one of those times.

    Gmail + Dropbox? View folder option.
    Gmail + Dropbox? View folder option.
    There is a new feature in Gmail. Now, when you get an email with a shared folder invitation from Dropbox, you'll see an option to "View folder" directly from your inbox - on the same row that the specific incoming email is. This might be true for other file sharing services, so if you know about another service be sure to leave a comment below. 
    Basically, when you click on the View folder button, you are automatically referred to that folder on Dropbox. Cool new feature, and a nice time saver!

    Set a timer directly from Chrome or Google Search

    Next time you need a timer, just type it in to Chrome (or Google search)!

    Simply type in:
    Timer for (x) Hours, (y) Minutes and (z) Seconds
    i.e. Timer for 1 hour 15 minutes and 10 seconds.
    Timer for (x) Minutes
    Timer for (z) seconds

    Once the timer starts, you can:
    1. Stop it.
    2. Reset it.
    3. Insert a specific time directly into the timer itself.

    When the timer reaches 0, it will make a beeping sound until you hit the OK button.

    Check out our quick example video below ;)

    #Google   #GoogleTips   #GoogleTimer   #GoogleTricks

    +Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Size 

    Voice Calls from Google Hangouts is here!

    When Google Chat was upgraded to Hangouts, the "Google Voice" (feature which enables you to call regular phones numbers from Gmail) was removed.

    But today, Google Voice in Hangout is back! 

    You can now place regular phone calls from Gmail, Google Plus or the Hangouts Chrome Extension.
    New Google Hangouts + Phone Calls

    In Gmail, you will now see a small phone icon inside the hangout window:
    Google voice from gmail hangouts
    Call Phone in Gmail Hnagouts

    In Google Plus, you need to click on the arrow and the Call a Phone, or start typing the number in the search window:
    Call Phone in Google Plus Hangout

    Call Phone in Google Plus Hangout search for number
    Call Phone in Google Plus Hangout

    Google Plus Hangout Formatting Keyboard Shortcut

    Add Formatting to your hangout messages

    If you're reading this, you probably agree Google Hangouts is awesome. Remember the tips shared about formating Posts on Google +? So here's something you might have missed.. Did you know you can also add formatting to messages also on Google Hangouts?
    Add formatting with keyboard shortcuts to google plus hangouts
    Add formatting to google plus hangouts

    So here's how it works: Bold Text - ctr+b / Command + b
    Italic text - ctr+i / Command + i
    Underlined text - ctr+u / Command + u

    Close Hangout Window - Select hangout and click Esc

    What is the size of the new Google Plus Cover Photo?

    The size of the new google plus cover photo is 480x270 pixels.

    Download a the new google plus cover photo here

    Google Plus Notification Panel Upgraded!

    Google Plus Notification Panel Upgraded: 

    What has been upgraded? 1. Separation between current and past notifications.
    2. A bell icon was added.
    3. When hovering over a current notification you will see a small animation indicating the notifications origin (i.e. Circles, Community..)
    4. One click to mark all comments as read.

    new google plus notifications panel
    new google plus notifications panel

    Google Plus Dashboard Feature for Pages

    Google has released a new feature for Google Plus Pages, it's called Dashboard.

    So what is Google plus dashboard? Pavni Diwanji from Google said it's here to "make it easier to manage your online presence – all across Google.” 

    So what will you find in the new Dashboard?

    When you first login to your Google Plus page, you'll be welcomed by a tour of the new dashboard feature.
    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages
    Welcome to Dashboard
    As noted at the beginning, one of the main purposes of the Google plus Dashboard feature is to help you look good across Google. This means your business info such as website url, opening hours, phone number will be collected and displayed across Google products such as Maps, Search and Google+.
    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages
    Look good across Google
    Once you click on next, you'll be shown a tab with your progress of completing your profile. You'll be asked to fill in your Profile Photo (Free template here), Your Cover Photo (Free template here), Add contact info, Links to your website, An Introduction to your page, and a Tagline. It is highly recommended to fill in all fields, and ensure your information is up to date. Google will use this information when displaying information about your business, and will also be add as part of the Knowledge Graph.

    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages
    Google Plus Page Completion status
    You can return to your dashboard at any time by clicking on the Dashboard icon on the left sidebar.
    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages

    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages
    Google Plus Dashboard Icon
     The new Dashboard can also be really helpful for managing your Google+ notifications, assigning new page managers, share new posts and photos and even start hangouts with your followers.
    Google Plus Dashboard for Pages
    People want to hear from you

    Local business will get extra feature:

    1. Local insights, which includes top searches leading to their business, driving directions, and performance data for their Google+ posts. You can read more about Local insights here.

    2. A quick view of their AdWords Express and Offer campaigns.

    Follow on Google+


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